My essay, "Love for Cats Connects Mother and Daughter" was named one of Next Avenue's Editor's Pick for 2019!!





What's the Buzz?

I've been writing since I was a little girl.I would write stories for and about my friends.They loved reading about themselves and would get so excited when I'd hand out my horribly typed stories.I guess I've been self-publishing since I was 9--either that or I created Reality Serial Fiction!
Although I have a B.A. in Theater Arts,I trained extensively in improv, stand-up comedy, and sketch comedy at places like The Groundlings, ACME and Bang Improv Studio.
It was at the world famous Groundlings that I first started writing comic character monologues.
One of my proudest achievements is the show, "Off-Kilter: The Monologues of Christine Schoenwald" which had a cast of seriously funny comic actresses performing my character monologues. "Off-Kilter" had two successful runs at Bang Improv Studio. 
During my time at  Bang, I wrote and performed my two one woman shows"Adventures in Slutland" and "Seen on Screen." I also created and directed many shows such as "Extra Credit," "Comedy Klatch" and "Pinata."
I loved doing comedy, and improv but when I went to my first personal essay show, I was hooked.
I've read my essays at my own show Pinata  and in shows all over Los Angeles such as The All Girl Revue, Tasty Words, A Very Special Episode, To Whom it May Concern, Taboo Tales, I love a Good Story, Tattle Tales and one of my very favorites The P.E.Z. Show.
I've always written my own performance material whether it was sketch comedy, essays, or one person shows, so it was an easy transition to start writing novels, and essays for publication.
I love writing, and sharing my work with others whether it's in a publication, a show, or here, my very own writer's website.

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