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Mortgage Mortification: Part One- The Con

My boyfriend Andy lost his job during the 2008 Thanksgiving weekend.One day we were full of thanks, the next not so much. Added to his sudden unemployment, the hourly rate at my job had also been reduced but at least that had been somewhat expected. Andy’s lay-off was not. Times were starting to get hard.

Slot to Trot

I'm an addict but I have never been to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. It's convenient that the town I live in is not convenient for gambling. I’m fortunate in that I have developed a fear of driving on the highway so that I can’t get to a casino on my own power. Realizing that online gaming is for people who can easily afford to throw money away, I’m cognizant enough to not go on those sites. At some point I had to make a conscious  decision to not gamble, to quit trying to seek it out and to let go of that high. 


I have committed a crime of epic proportions. I dog-eared some pages in a book I sent to a stranger. I am a ne’er- do-well, a scoundrel and a desecrater. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror and not see the effects of my wrong- doing weighing heavily on my face, at least that’s what James R of Texas thinks. To quote him from his message to me “Dog-eared pages are nothing like normal wear. When a person folds down a page, that page is damaged. The insult lies in the fact that this damage is not accidental, but intentional, not due to the loving wear of an interested reader, but to the uncaring, unthinking act of a vandal.” Let me mention that I sent him this novel for free as part of an used book swap club online.

The Artful Forger

If you don’t count suicide, I may be the only person I know who has committed a crime against themselves. 
I am a mastermind when it comes to forgery, con-games and general thievery -- when I am not only the victim but the perpetrator.

Didn't Need To Know

I was sitting on the floor just inside the doorway of the TV room of my family’s house. The long phone cord was stretched as far as it could go. This was the position I had often been in when chatting with my friends as a teenager. But I wasn’t 16 this time, gossiping about a cute boy or a mean girl. I was listening to my mother sob about the man she had an affair with. The conversation made me feel uncomfortable. It was so inappropriate. She shouldn't  be telling me about Charles and their love affair. We aren't  that close. 
My mother was never especially loving or affectionate and we never spoke about anything intimate. 
I longed for the conversation to be over. Since I tried to be a good daughter, I listened and attempted to make comforting noises. Like the phone cord, my patience was stretched as far as it could go.

Take a Drive Behind My Wheel

As you absolutely know if you live in Los Angeles and may know if you don’t, this weekend they are closing a ten mile stretch of the 405 freeway and people are freaking out! We have such a reverence for our highways here. We always call them by their full formal title: The 405 or The 101. There are many things we just can't handle in Southern California. We are a people who panic at rain. Droplets of water have the power to create utter and total havoc in regards to our driving. You can imagine what a car-tastophe or carmageddon (as they are calling it) this closing is expected to be. People have arranged to vacation out of town, hotel rooms are booked for workers who work on the Westside but live on the Eastside and most people are just planning on staying home.


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